The Green Bay Packers are widely assumed to be short on experience at the wide receiver position heading into this season.

Veteran wideout and restricted free agent Allen Lazard was notably absent from the teams mandatory minicamp this week, as he is possibly looking for a new contract.

Lazard, who is entering his fifth year in the league, has been tendered as a restricted free agent, but has yet to sign the tender.

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Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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This means that Lazard is either awaiting a new, long term deal, or he will play with the team on the 1-year tender this Fall.

It's slightly concerning for the Packers and their fans, as Lazard brings back a ton of experience in a wide receiver room short of it heading into the season.

Lazard hauled in a career high 8 touchdowns last season, and joins veterans Sammy Watkins and Randall Cobb as the most experienced players in the wide receiver room this season.

Over the course of his 4-year career thus far, Lazard has 1,448 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns. He began his career as an undrafted free agent out of Iowa State with the Jacksonville Jaguars prior to signing with Green Bay later on in the 2018 season.

The 1-year restricted free agent tender would pay Lazard 3.986 million this year if it is signed by the veteran wideout.

We'll see what is next for Lazard and the Packers as all teams creep towards training camp and the preseason.

Source: ProFootballTalk and Pro Football Reference (Stats)

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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