The Big Ten and Fox agreed to a new television deal this summer, and you can bet Fox is doing all it can to draw excitement and attention toward their broadcasts this fall.

College football officially started with Week Zero matchups last Saturday, but Big Ten teams don't get underway until Thursday evening.

But that doesn't mean Fox is waiting to hype you up for Big Ten football.

Each team in the Big Ten--yes, even Rutgers--received top-class treatment in Fox Sports' newest Big Ten football promos.

While some are clearly better than others, Fox Sports did its best to get college football and Big Ten fans like myself pumped for the 2017 season.

They succeeded.

You can check out all the Big Ten team-specific promos here on the CFB on Fox Instagram page.

I've seen plenty of college football promos throughout the years. Some are annoying, clunky and don't seem to fit, while others wet your appetite.

But these team-specific promos meant to celebrate the Big Ten's increased air-time with Fox bring college football promotion to a new level. They play on school tradition, culture and image. They resonate with Big Ten football fans and operate on the sentimental relationship that fans share with their respective programs.

These CFB on Fox Big Ten promos are among the best college football commercials I've ever seen. Hopefully it means only more good things to come when we get live Big Ten football on Fox in 2017.

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