A new map details out the most hated team by state based on geotagging on Twitter. The Green Bay Packers are the least liked team in the upper midwest.

The map, which was put together by BetOnline.ag, details out the most hated team in each state. There are plenty of obvious selections like Minnesota hating the Packers, Wisconsin hating the Bears, and Pennsylvania hating the Cowboys.

What are some of the states that stick out though? Multiple states including Flordia, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa have it out for the New England Patriots. People in Hawaii really don't like the Seahawks, while the Browns are more hated in Maryland than the Steelers.

Crazy enough, there's not as much hate for the Cowboys as most would expect. Teams like the Titans, Giants, Cardinals, Dolphins, Colts, Redskins, Rams, Chargers, Lions, and even the Vikings don't even make the map.

Then again, is it really that bad to be hated? To be listed should feel like an honor that a team has tormented an area of the country more than any other.

Take it as you will.

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