Many cities around the world have sculpture walks as part of their cities' culture. From Florence, Italy, to Peoria, Illinois.

In fact, the idea for the Peoria, Illinois sculpture walk came from Sioux Falls according to one of the organizers of that city's art installation.

My wife, Michele, and I have attended many family reunions on her side of the family in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and we made a habit of going to their Sculpture Walk. ...and each year it gets better. - Joe Richey, president of the Warehouse District Association/Peoria Magazine

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This Saturday, May 14, Sioux Falls will be installing the 19th Sculpture Walk, and this year 67 sculptures will be part of it. Including artists new to the project.

Sculpture Walk has revitalized Downtown Sioux Falls and truly has made it a must-see destination. And as you take in the sculptures you will be astounded by the imagination, originality, and talent, that is the heart and soul of this enterprise.

You just know when people in other communities are so inspired by something they see on their travels, that they create one of their own, that thing was pretty amazing!

On Saturday, you could hustle yourself downtown for something tasty and then watch as these extraordinary sculptures are placed on the sidewalks of Sioux Falls.

Some people question the value of art in our world, but I tend to agree with this essay written by a student at Dupage College in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

. Above anything, art is significant to society in that it serves to fulfill our sense of beauty and wonder about the world, and provides an outlet for creative expression and documentation of history.- -Ashley Gonzalez

If walking the Sculpture Walk is not in your wheelhouse, no problem, very soon the Downtown Trolley will be up and running soon.

Sculptures will also be installed in the Cathedral Historic District this year as Sculpture Walk expands in Sioux Falls.

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These Are Just A Few Extraordinary Sculptures From the Past

New Sculptures Added In Sioux Falls For Sculpture Walk - May 2021

The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk is known to be the largest outdoor exhibit that features sculptures year-round on Phillips Avenue and throughout other parts of the city. Well over 800 sculptures have been on display throughout the history of the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk.
If you've been walking around Downtown Sioux Falls the last couple of days, you've probably have noticed the latest editions to this year's Sioux Falls SculptureWalk. My friend Miranda and I sure enjoyed seeing the new sculptures!
Every year, we walk around to admire the new artwork in the city. It was just a coincidence we were in town when some new sculptures were unveiled!
Check out these exciting new additions to Downtown Sioux Falls!

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