There are some unwritten rules when it comes fan etiquette at a baseball game and this week at a Chicago Cubs game we saw a prime example of a fan violating that code.

It not only was an example of violating the fan etiquette code, it was a prime example of why Cubs fans are the worst. The absolute worst.

As you can see, it can only be categorized as a shameful act only a Cubs fan could sleep at night pulling off,

Plus he walks away like he just climbed Mount Everest. Says it all right there.

When pressed on the topic, the fan essentially said since it was a game winning home run that it was every man for himself.

Hey bro, you were the only man.  The other two were kids.

No adult should be bringing a glove to a game in the first place, but maybe a 5 game suspension would suffice for this guy for not only bringing a glove but snaking away the ball from a kid.

Some will argue that it is fair game for all fans to go after home runs and I don't have a problem if you have one come right in your direction to snag it, but not with a glove and not with two kids jostling for it as well.

But what about fans who want to collect memorabilia?

Well he had the advantage too, because adults have credit cards and kids don't, so the "MaiTaiGuy" can get on EBAY instead of stealing the hopes and dreams from a kid at Wrigley.

Cubs fans are mainly bandwagoners since they finally won a World Series and at one point even lowered themselves to accepting looking another man in the eyes at a circular urinal at Wrigley Field tells you all you need to know about how this could happen.

Finally, let this also serve as a reminder to you to know who you can trust.  Braves fans, Yankees fans, Twins fans and especially Brewers and Cardinals fans.


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