Fans of the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets have been patiently waiting for news regarding the potential Aaron Rodgers trade. Given where we are now, there are few days left ahead of the draft for the deal to get done.

Now, it appears that a deadline has emerged in the process between the two teams, unless a preseason (June or July) trade remains an option.

According to a recent article from Sports Illustrated, fans won't have to wait long in the NFL Draft to find out if a trade is imminent:

On a Thursday episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter, Adam Schefter revealed Day 2 of next week’s NFL Draft as a potential “soft deadline” for any Aaron Rodgers trade between the Packers and Jets.

“The line of demarcation, the soft deadline, is next Friday night, picks 42 and 43,” Schefter said, via Bleacher Report. “Because if picks 42 and 43 come and go without Aaron Rodgers being traded to the New York Jets, then the wait for him to become a Jet could go on for an awful long time.”

In regard to compensation, it's looking like at least a 2nd round pick, if not multiple, for the 4-time MVP of the NFL:

The Jets hold pick No. 13 in the first round as well as two high-second round selections. Green Bay would seemingly desire any valuable 2023 draft picks as a part of any Rodgers trade package, as the team seeks to surround Jordan Love with as much talent as possible.

The NFL Draft commences on Thursday Night, April 27th, and the second round will come the very next night, with the potential trade hanging in the balance until that time, if it gets done at all.

Source: MSN - Sports Illustrated

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