In many states where athletics is the driving force of colleges and universities, it's quite common to find the salaries of coaches represent the upper tier of the faculty and administration.

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After scanning OpenPayrolls, that isn't the case in South Dakota where the President in Brookings and a doctor in Vermillion top the list.

South Dakota State University
Barry Dunn, President

University of South Dakota
Tim Ridgway
Chief Health Professions Off

University of Minnesota
Ben Johnson
Head Coach

University of Iowa
Kirk J Ferentz
Head Coach
In 2021 the University of Iowa (UI) reported 3,455 employees making more than $100,000 per year

University of Nebraska
Matt Rhule
Head Coach
In education, I'm all-in when paying for strong leadership. These individuals come with incredible resumes and success that not only place our schools in the national spotlight but bring equally strong values to our students.

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