The NBA should just jump back to the 50's and play spy games because it's an all out arms race in the league at this point. As corny as that is, it's true and if teams don't realize that now, then they don't stand a chance.

The latest NBA headlines surround the Houston Rockets and all the pieces that they're trying to acquire. The recent acquisition of Chris Paul was a move that I thought was great and now they're trying to follow that up with a trade for Melo.

While some people don't think that three ball dominant players can work on one team, I personally think that at this point team chemistry on the court has been thrown out the window.

It no longer matters if your team meshes to the best of their abilities. It no longer takes a true 1-5 lineup to win. Team chemistry in the NBA has turned into simply getting a group of guys that cohabitate in the locker room and on the court.

They don't have to compliment each other on the court anymore, they just have to know that one extra pass may be an open shot for another scorer. If you watch the Warriors play, they rarely run a set play that opens up the lane or even sets up a wide open shot.

The Warriors have great chemistry and because they've broken the game down and made it simple. They're great because most of the time they roll the ball out and play playground, run n gun basketball until someone gets hot.

Sure, it helps when you have great players at each position. But Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are both ball dominant players and it seems to be working out for them.

What makes them great is that everyone on that team knows, one extra pass could mean a wide open shot for another star and that's what Houston needs to mimic. Paul, Melo and Harden are all great shooters, all it takes is patience, one extra pass and some wins to get a group of superstars to mesh.

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