Huset's Speedway is back in the news once again after going quiet for several months. Yes, I'm referring to the track in this story as Huset's Speedway and not Badlands Motor Speedway. It's my personal preference.

This time the story is bigger than before. We've gone from stories on public auctions to the former owner buying the track back. And even stories on the demolishing of the track.

The demolition was to take place on a deadline in early January of 2019 if there was no new owner. The deadline was later moved to give the previous owner 60 days or so to raise funds. It was announced that after that, the track would be demolished.

Several months have passed, and the track is still standing. I think the small pieces of demolition equipment that were on display have been moved. However, I'm not certain of that. None the less, nothing has been crushed.

There was a big story as well of turning the place into a wildlife refuge. There was even a name publicly announced of the refuge for antelope to roam. I'm assuming the antelope would be brought in because there haven't been any seen around Brandon out in the wild.

Now, the new story, or should I say, breaking news again? Huset's Speedway may be holding a race where the winner is awarded ownership of the track. See the complete details currently available at the time of this story.

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