It's not like everyday that South Dakota finds themselves associated with the NBA Finals, so when it happens, it's something we all cherish a little more.

On four occasions, (three with the Heat and one with the Cavaliers) we got to watch South Dakota's own Mike Miller compete on the NBA highest stage for a chance to be a NBA champion.

On two of those occasions, both with the Miami Heat, Miller took home the title and the rings.

I miss those days.

I miss seeing South Dakota come up when they would show where he was from.

I miss having Mike on my radio show during the Finals to talk about the games and his experiences.

I miss feeling like the state of South Dakota and us fans from this state were connected to the NBA Finals more so than we are today.

And most importantly, I miss Miller shooting and making 3's with only one shoe on!

Miller had an amazing run in the NBA winning those two NBA titles along with many personal accolades all while bringing us along for the ride.

I'm now looking forward to following the next kid from South Dakota to a NBA tile whenever that may be.


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