The state of Iowa continues to reap the benefits of passing sports betting legislation a couple of years back and the record amount of bets continues each month.

Iowa saw another record month of December in which they saw over $100 million wagered on sports throughout the state.

The state saw exactly $104.8 million in wagers throughout the state which was up over 20% from November, where they saw over $87 million wagered.

One of the driving forces for the continued growth in Iowa's mobile betting platform which has loosened some restrictions now in 2021 as far as signups which are intended to increase revenue even more.

Hitting the $100 million mark was a first for Iowa who has consistently seen records broke all Fall with more and more interest in sports betting by the day.

The state of South Dakota will soon have a piece of the pie with the legislation passed in 2020 out in Deadwood and the hope is statewide sports betting soon follows.

For more information on sports betting in Iowa, sportsbooks throughout the state, and information on other gambling news, you can visit the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission website.

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