Do you have that one neighbor whose yard is starting to look like a set from "Sanford & Son"? Essentially a small junkyard?

Or are you that neighbor?

That is why Sioux Falls created Project NICE and Project KEEP in the first place. The NICE stands for Neighborhood Improvement Complaint Easement. And the KEEP stands for Keep Environmental Enhancement Permanent.

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The Sioux Falls Health Department gets almost 2,000 calls and complaints from people in neighborhoods who'd like to see a bit less crap in their neighbor's yard. Other city departments deal with numerous calls about city code infractions.

Project NICE and Project KEEP -

  lend a helping hand in the form of a cleanup using City volunteers and provide selected neighborhoods with education materials about the City and its services.

2022’s Project NICE/KEEP neighborhood cleanup is going on through Friday (April 29) and if you live in one of the neighborhoods included in the project this year, you've already been sent informational material. But if you need more info about which areas of Sioux Falls will be part of the cleanup this year, just see the City of Sioux Falls Project NICE/KEEP website.

Make sure you don't put out household trash, dog doo-doo, electronics, or hazardous materials. And, you can help these hard-working volunteers by keeping your recyclables separated - -tires with tires, washing machines, branches, mattresses, etc.

For over 30 years, these projects have been extremely successful in keeping our neighborhoods healthy and safe, as well as helping to maintain property values. - Dominic Miller/Environmental Health Manager for the Ciy of Sioux Falls.

Source: City of Sioux Falls Code Enforcement Department

See Some of Sioux Falls' Beautiful Murals [PHOTOS]

I was in Canton, SD, and I happened upon a new mural.

It was really cool and that got me thinking that I know of a few murals in Sioux Falls, but I bet there's more than I realize. So, I put it out on social media for the people of Sioux Falls to tell me where all the murals are!

A few of them I had never seen, or never even been to that part of town, and a few of them, I drive by all the time and never noticed!

I know a few businesses have murals inside their establishments, but I decided to keep it to murals that are totally open for the public to see. No need to be 21!

So, here we go! Let's check out some of Sioux Falls' murals.
Did I miss one? Let me know!

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