The news was out last week, but it was just sourced reporting, but on Thursday it became official as the NFL suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston is accused of sexual assault on a Uber driver in which he inappropriately touched her.

The Bucs immediately released a statement on the matter.

Winston also released a statement on the matter Thursday.

The thing that is going to have people rightfully upset is Jameis essentially has admitted to sexual assault and is only getting a three game suspension.

It seems to be a very small price to pay for what he did and it will be interesting to see the backlash that the league now faces with the small suspension they handed down.

According to the reports, Winston will not appeal the suspension and why would he.. he got off easy in the minds of many.

In Winston's absence, longtime veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will start in his place.


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