Some folks in South Dakota were in for a shock when they saw a new furry friend walking around a local stadium.

In an unusual discovery, a grey fox was found in Watertown at the Watertown Stadium. Grey foxes are uncommon in the eastern South Dakota area, which makes this unique find quite amazing!

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The Watertown Police Department confirmed in a Facebook post a grey fox was hiding inside the Watertown Stadium. Officers could not believe this animal was in town! They were excited, to say the least when they received a phone call about the grey fox.

With the help of South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks, officers were able to safely capture the curious grey fox.

Regional Wildlife Manager Nick Rossman and Animal Control Officer Christenson worked together to ensure the safe relocation of the fox to more suitable habitat on State land south of Watertown.

The fox was unharmed. In the photos from the  Facebook post, officers with the Watertown Police Department released the grey fox away from citizens.

So where can grey foxes be found in South Dakota? Typically, these shy animals are found in wooded habitats. They love to climb rocks and trees and also spend time near the water. Grey foxes are normally more active in the evenings than during the day. That probably explains why the officers with the Watertown Police Department found this grey fox in a darker space of the Watertown Stadium.

The grey fox had a long journey to get to Watertown! Hopefully, this fox can find its way home.

Thanks to the Watertown Police Department and South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks for helping the grey fox.

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