You can comment and remark all you want, but Justin Verlander couldn't care less about what you think.

Verlander suffered the worst start of his 13-year career on Saturday against the Cleveland Indians, allowing nine runs on 11 hits in four-plus innings of work. But it was the comments after the game that had everyone talking.

James McCann, the starting catcher for the Detroit Tigers, spoke with reporters from and hinted at the Indians getting some extra help at the plate against Verlander.

"We use multiple signs with nobody on base," McCann said to reporters. "We change our signs often. It's got to be something other than that...For a day where I thought he had his best stuff all season, they seemed to be on quite a few pitches.

Tigers' manager Brad Ausmus didn't say Verlander was tipping his pitches, but he didn't rule the scenario out of the realm of possibility. When specifically asked about Verlander potentially tipping his pitches, Ausmus responded with a simple, "Could be."

If you're Verlander, how do you respond to your teammates and coaches alluding to the idea that you may be tipping pitches?

You passive aggressively fire back on Twitter.

This tweet is wonderful for a number of reasons. First, Verlander is actually working on his's just tipping his beer back instead of tipping his pitches.

Second, the "#nooffdays" only adds to the sassiness of the four-word sentence preceding it. Plus, this tweet was posted on a Detroit off-day.

Third, I'm pretty sure Verlander isn't at some tropical locale soaking up the sun. It's possible because the Tigers are in Tampa to face the Rays, but I doubt it. And if he is, that only makes Verlander's tweet even more "in-your-face" and "I don't give a crap" than before.

Verlander couldn't care less what you think, and he'll always be winning because of that approach.

*Source: ESPN*

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