If you were too busy at the lake or family BBQ on Monday, you missed one of the funniest videos that I've ever seen on Twitter. Not only was this video humorous, but it's some of the worst basketball I've ever seen.

In case you missed it, here it is again and it's honestly worth watching the whole thing.

Now I understand that this LaMelo is only 15 and that one bad game doesn't define a player of their attitude but considering all the Ball drama, this has to be concerning for college coaches thinking of recruiting LaMelo.

My issue with this has nothing to do with LaVar, Lonzo or anyone else in the Ball family. It has nothing to do with LaVar and his annoying media rants.

All the negative publicity LaMelo has gotten is deserves because this has to be some of the worst basketball decision making I have ever scene. It also is one of the worst ball hog displays I have ever seen.

I don't care if this kid scored 92 points in a game or if he's the second coming of LeBron. The kid has some major warning signs of being a pre-madonna and having a lack of self-awareness like his father.

When you're throwing up fade away three pointers with a guy hugging you at 15, that's a red flag. When you're getting your pocket picked every third time down the court because you're trying to have handles like Kyrie Irving, that's a red flag.

So yes, to LaMelo and the rest of his supporters, this deserves every negative comment it receives. Maybe LaMelo needs to go get his A button fixed, obviously passing isn't as much of his game as it is for Lonzo.



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