Some of the teams in the playoffs this season boast great playoff history, while others are looking for their first playoff win since 1995.

The defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots have, of course, won the most recent playoff game that they were in. One season later, and the team is the top seed of the AFC Playoffs and is avoiding Wild Card weekend.

For others, it's been a long time since the last playoff win that they had. Buffalo hasn't won a playoff game since 1995, and this is their first appearance since 1999.

Minnesota's last appearance in the playoffs ended Wild Card weekend with the infamous "Shank at the Bank" with Blair Walsh in 2015. The last time the Vikings won a playoff game? Divisional round of the 2009 playoffs when they destroyed Dallas.

Here's a look at each team's last playoff win.


  1. New England - Super Bowl LI vs. Atlanta (34-28 OT)
  2. Pittsburgh - 2016 Divisional Game vs. Kansas City (18-16)
  3. Jacksonville - 2007 Wild Card Game vs. Pittsburgh (31-29)
  4. Kansas City - 2015 Wild Card Game vs. Houston (30-0)
  5. Tennessee - 2003 Wild Card Game vs. Baltimore (20-17)
  6. Buffalo - 1995 Wild Card Game vs. Miami (37-22)


  1. Philadelphia - 2008 Divisional Round vs. New York Giants (23-11)
  2. Minnesota - 2009 Divisional Round vs. Dallas (34-3)
  3. LA Rams - 2004 Wild Card vs. Seattle (27-20) *St. Louis Rams
  4. New Orleans - 2013 Wild Card Round vs. Philadelphia (26-24)
  5. Carolina - 2015 NFC Championship Game vs. Arizona (49-15)
  6. Atlanta - 2016 NFC Championship Game vs. Green Bay (44-21)

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