From the start of the LaVar Ball situation, I have been more of a bystander and chosen not to comment. However, things have gone too far and too negative. It's time he sits down and takes a back seat to his son.

First off, let me be clear I am not a LaVar Ball fan. However, the whole Kristine Leahy situation was ridiculous and unnecessary. He was disrespectful, rude and threw out some comments that were out of bounds but he is who he is and she knew that.

So sorry Kristine, you were poking the bear and you got bit so quit crying about it. You can't throw a jab at someone you know is hostile and then pull the victim card because you get offended. 

If you missed it here it is:

Secondly, saying that Lonzo is only going to workout for the Lakers and no other team is completely asinine.

LaVar please understand that Lonzo is a good prospect but he's not a free agent. He's not a superstar. He's not even a for sure starter on the Lakers.

He's not LeBron, he's not Westbrook and quite frankly he's not even on Brandon Ingram's level yet. So please shut the hell up and teach your son some humility because he's not talented enough for it to be all about him.

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