Its MLB trade deadline day, usually a day of anticipation and hopefully much wheeling and dealing before the 4:00 PM ET Monday deadline arrives. We've already seen a half-dozen or so interesting deals, although no blockbusters. That's not necessarily a surprise, given the major issues affecting this year's trade market:

  • With the expanded playoffs and shortened season, a lot of teams are still in it, limiting the number of obvious sellers
  • Teams are reluctant to take on additional payroll in a season in which they're going to lose money
  • You can trade players only from the team's 60-man eligibility list, so most of the Class A types who are often in these trades aren't eligible (which is why several of the trades so far included players to be named later).

What might happen on Monday? Buster Olney reported on Sunday Night Baseball that there is a growing expectation that there might be a flurry of deals, even given the financial issues. Here are some key questions, rumors, and needs.

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