The sports betting handles and revenue throughout the state of Iowa this Fall has been setting records and continuing to show how important it was for the state to pass sports betting legislation.

Now as we transition to 2021, the state of Iowa has new sports betting regulations that will open up the options for sports bettors in their state.

Since 2019, you must go inside a sportsbook and register to bet online which has become the most popular way to wager.

As of January 1, 2021, Iowa residents will be able to log in online, register, fund their account and begin betting immediately.

This now opens up more revenue streams as most players will try multiple platforms as they are run by different companies meaning the interface along with odds will vary from site to site.

Iowa has seen record months of October and November in sports wagering even during the COVID-19 pandemic and the additional mobile options will only help those numbers increase as people continue to social distance into the spring.

These new regulations don't change the fact that you must still be in the state to make the wagers, it just allows signup to be much easier and allow for a smoother betting process.

The best option is going to be to check each casino/sportsbook site in the state for the options on mobile betting and links to download the different apps.

For more information on gaming in Iowa, sports betting options and news surrounding the topic in the state, you can visit the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission website.


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