Over the years, my three point range has garnered me the nickname of the "Ginger Jordan." I've backed it up with endless domination at local YMCA's and rec leagues for years and years.

That said, I have lost a step considering I currently have a torn ACL and two young kids who keep me well away from any sort of constant workouts. But I am never one to turn down a challenge and the latest was a 3-point contest with my latest intern Trojan Nick.

As you can see, he got lucky. He barely won and the likelihood that he would win again is slim to none. I think we can all agree, that I have him in form, endurance, ability and shoes, but his luck was clearly better that day.

I would also like the thank Tom Billeter and the Augustana coaching staff for taking time out of their life that they will never get back to watch that mess.

EDITOR'S NOTE: OK, now that Jeff is finished writing HIS version of the story, I can't help but note that this isn't the first time that the "Ginger Jordan" has had his butt kicked in a 3-point competition... and here's the video proof.

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