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We are about a month into the 2021-22 National Basketball Association campaign, and we are starting to see some teams emerge as new contenders, especially in the Eastern Conference.

Remember, just last season, we saw two new teams in the NBA Finals, as the Milwaukee Bucks took home the title in a good series over the Phoenix Suns.

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New blood is always good for sportsbooks and bettors, who get tired of seeing the same series play out in the playoffs.

Right now in the Eastern Conference, last year’s future betting favorites, the Brooklyn Nets, have ascended to the top of the odds to win the NBA title once again. But if you remember back to last summer, the Nets faltered in the playoffs; could it happen again?

Maybe a team like the Washington Wizards or Chicago Bulls think it is their time to move to the top of the line.

In the Western Conference, those Suns are back shining brightly, while Steph Curry and the Warriors want to start a new dynasty. Curry has been cooking, with 37 points in the blowout win over the Nets this week. And remember, as good as the Warriors are playing right now, Klay Thompson is set to return to the lineup right around Christmas. What a present that will be under the tree.

Here is a look at the current favorites to win the NBA title

Top 10 odds to win 2021-22 NBA title

Brooklyn Nets, +250

Los Angeles Lakers, +500

Golden State Warriors, +700

Milwaukee Bucks, +800

Utah Jazz, +1000

Miami Heat, +1400

Phoenix Suns, +1600

Philadelphia 76ers, +2000

Los Angeles Clippers, +2000

Atlanta Hawks, +4000

Which teams should I be backing right now?

Well, I will tell you that you should probably NOT take the Lakers, who are only this high up the odds because of LeBron James. There are far too many better teams in the Western Conference to be wasting your money on the Fakers.

The teams at the top of the Western Conference standings are the Warriors and the defending conference champion Phoenix Suns, who are getting no love from the sportsbooks with offers and odds of +1600. As of Wednesday, November 17, the Suns had won nine in a row and were just behind Golden State in the standings. Both of those teams look like good value.

In the Eastern Conference, leaders Washington are still distant from the pack, at odds of +4000. Books and bettors might have to see how the next few months play out, but if you think they are legit, you are not going to get them at any better odds than now: if they keep winning, those odds will drop like a stone.

Of course, the Nets are the favorites to win the league and the NBA title and will be near the top of the standings all season. What about the defending champion Bucks? At +800, they might be a steal.

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