It really should come as no surprise to anyone that follows basketball especially fans of the Timberwolves, that they continue to play like trash.

I wish this team, this article, and this franchise had a different tone about its current situation and future, but at some point, you have to call a spade a spade.

Since 2003 when I attended the University of Minnesota as a freshman, the Minnesota Timberwolves have made the playoffs twice and the run in 2004 to a Western Conference Final appearance is the greatest accomplishment in the history of the franchise.

This franchise has been around since the 1980s and continually failed in the front office, on the court, and in the court of public opinion.

I have spent thousands of dollars going to games, hundreds of hours watching games on television, and many days on my show talking about the Timberwolves and it usually has ended in frustration.

I don't call myself a diehard Twolves fan, in fact, I am more about the individuals in my fandom for the NBA than teams, but when you invest so much from a personal and professional standpoint into something and rarely get a rewarding return, it can be downright aggravating.

I'm not in this boat alone but whether it is "Minnesota Nice" or pure apathy at this point, you see the organization get a pass more so in Minneapolis than you would in some of the major markets in this country.

Clearly, there are things Minnesota deals with that those big markets don't from a challenge standpoint, but they have had ample opportunity via the NBA Draft and free agency to do better and they simply have not.

I love Ryan Saunders and the Saunders family, and I don't think it is fair to evaluate him in this mess when he isn't given adequate tools to succeed and the ones he has, haven't been consistently available.

Not to mention on the court, this year's team has found every way possible to lose from blowing leads to being blown out.

Karl-Anthony Towns isn't a superstar, D'Angelo Russell is a disappointment since being traded, Ricky Rubio is a waste of a roster spot at this point and the rest of the team outside Anthony Edwards are role players at best, and that is being generous with some on that squad.

So as the Timberwolves sit with a 4-13 record after starting the season 2-0, the fans are stuck with the same old story of a sorry team who has no direction of optimism in the immediate future. Fun stuff.

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