If you're a basketball video game fan like me, you've probably been missing the NCAA games. Now one man has found a way to transform NBA 2K17 into NCAA 2K17.

YouTube and PS4 user Da InFaMous NY has the need for a NCAA basketball video game. He has made NCAA team logos, rosters, uniforms, and venues for the top 30 teams in the nation and has made them available for download. On top of that, Da InFaMous NY has also provided a video showing how to set up a full college franchise mode.

This is only available for those who have a PS4 at this time. It looks like it would take a little while to set up, but once it's all done you'll have the chance to live in the NCAA world...kind of. You can't have the 68 team tournament at the end, but a standard 16 team one will be fine.

Now can we find someone crazy enough to transform Madden into NCAA Football 2017?

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