Almost two weeks ago, the Packers lost Rodgers and could barely field a team against their division leader. Thankfully this week they get to take a look at the team and hopefully have a coming to Jesus meeting to make some adjustments before the trade deadline.

I'm not saying they should tank, but they need to start think about retooling for a run while Rodgers can still play at the top of his game.

Here's what they should look at:

Brett Hundley

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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He's not number 12. He never will be and it's absolutely ridiculous to think that he can carry this Packers team into the playoffs. Rodgers ability to throw people open cannot be matched by any quarterback in the league, let alone a guy who had only played four games before this season.

Mike McCarthy showed last week how much the Packers rely on Rodgers playmaking and also that he isn't sure how to use Hundley in his current system. Hundley needs to be able to go out and make plays with his legs. He won't do well in the pocket with receivers that already struggle to get separation.

Ty Montgomery

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
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This just isn't going to work as a full-time job for him. Montgomery is too injury prone and too fragile to run between the tackles consistently. I'll admit that he's never been given a chance to have a big game but I don't see him being able to handle 15-20 touches constantly.

Aaron Jones needs to be the guy moving forward at the running back position. It would be an absolute waste of Jones potential to not let him develop this year. He needs to run the ball at least 15 times a game and needs to take over all goal line looks. Jones is currently averaging 5.6 yards per attempt and it's not just because he's broke a few long runs on an 8 carry game like Montgomery a season ago.

Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers
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This guy use to be a monster coming off the edge for the Packers and still plays some good football. However, his career has gotten hindered because of personal and personnel injuries at the Packers linebacker position. He's played every linebacker position at some point the couple seasons.

Matthews is on the books for $11.4M next season and as much as I loved this man growing up, he's not worth that much money anymore. Ideally he agrees to something that pays him in the 6-7 range. Green Bay needs to restructure his contract sometime soon or they need to cut bait this offseason and spend his $11.4M on defensive help during free agency.

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers
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If Cobb is on the roster in 2018, I may write a letter to Ted Thompson on behalf us 360,760 stockholders. Cobb got a payday of $40M after he posted a career high of 91 catches for a 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2014.

Since then he has only caught 167 passes for 1,700 yards and 11 touchdowns.. and his numbers have gone down progressively each season.

Here's what I don't understand. Cobb is a shifty slot receiver with 4.4 speed and pretty good hands, yet he cannot get open to save his life. No it has nothing to do with bad chemistry either because Rodgers and Cobb are great friends outside of football.

For whatever reason, Cobb just no longer fits in the system and he needs to be moved. Ideally before deadline so the Packers can get something for him. If the Packers can't move him by the trade deadline, then they have to cut him this offseason and save themselves $9M.

Davante Adams is going to get paid his dues come this offseason and needs to be by the Packers. If Cobb remains on the roster at his current $12.75 pace, someone has to lose their job.

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