I recently had the opportunity to attend two games at Petco Park in San Diego and the experience was as great as any.

I'm all about traveling and trying to take in as many different sporting venues around the country. This past week I've been in San Diego on a work conference (more on that next week) and had a couple of chances to see the Padres play at home. Wednesday night they were home against the Dodgers, and Friday night against the Cubs.

Petco Park is very unique in the sense that it doesn't feel like you arrive to a baseball stadium. On Wednesday night I had a Lyft driver drop me off near the field and I was situated in an area in which it didn't appear that a stadium was even there. Driving myself on Friday, and entering from the other side of the field, it was designed to just fit directly in with the buildings surrounding the ballpark.

Once you arrive in the stadium, however, it all changes. Petco Park is an amazingly intimate stadium in which there is no bad seat in the place. You'd swear that there was less seats at this place than any other in the major leagues, however it is bigger than Target Field by about 2,000. Better yet, I put it right up there with Target Field in terms of how great of a ballpark it is. I had a seat behind home plate for Wednesday night and then in the outfield on Friday night and both experiences were perfect.

Add in the constant beautiful weather of San Diego and it can't go wrong. If you ever find a moment to get to San Diego and catch a baseball game, do so. The atmosphere is great and tickets are very reasonable.

I highly recommend it.




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