So many times NFL players don't get to retire on their own terms due to injury or age but in the case of Phillip Rivers, it may not be exactly how he envisioned it, but he is calling the shots on the way out.

Phillip Rivers announced his retirement from the National Football League after 17 seasons, 16 with the Chargers and 1 with the Colts.

I didn't lose respect for LT in that game, but I sure did gain a whole new level of respect for Phillip Rivers and so did a lot of other fans as well as his peers.

In his career, Rivers played in 244 games with a record of 134-106, threw 421 touchdowns, and had over 64,000 yards passing.

He will end his career without a Super Bowl title which I am sure is a missing void on his own personal resume, but when Rivers looks back at all the yards, all the touchdowns, all the wins, and all the memories, I'm sure he will be satisfied with his Hall of Fame career.

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