By now you may have seen this disturbing video... Lets just get this out of the way.

I must preface this by saying, he is a Yankee's fan, so there's that... but, Yes. That man did exactly what you think he did. Used a straw to hollow out a ball-park frank. He then used said frank as a straw for a beer! I have to agree with @JomBoy Media on this one. Straight to jail sir. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Trust me, read the replies on this one. Funny stuff.

First off, who uses a straw for a beer. Secondly, who wants to turn an already watered-down ball-park beer in to "hotdog water"? Literally! The only thing that I can think of that would be close to this; I was 7 and put chocolate chips on my Jack's Pepperoni Pizza, because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were soooooo cool, and they did it, so it must taste great (P.S. Actually...). Hey I grew up; not sure the same can be said for this man.

By the way; where does one acquire this dark art. Who thinks to themselves, "Hey this beer is great. Ice cold and refreshing. But you know what would make this even better!? Slurping it through a warm, salty, meat stick."


If that sentence disturbs you, then you my friend, may just be a "normal" human being. To this dark wizard of beer madness I say, "Hey man, you're lucky they didn't cancel the game right then and there; but, you do you." Some people are on your side and immediately went to the old mother-adage, "If you haven't tried it don't judge. It might be good!" I'm really not sure this saying applies here; otherwise, all hotdog packaging would say "may be used as a straw." Clearly that is not the case, and is quite the sight to see. So for the future generations and to keep our heads held high this baseball season, lets stick to hotdogs in buns; NOT glizzy-fied-beer!

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