Sioux Falls Police say residents of a north Sioux Falls apartment were startled as two men with weapons tried to get inside.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens said that the men attempted to enter an apartment in the 800 block of West Bailey Street at around 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon. A man and women inside the apartment were able to leave the space through a back door.

The two suspects noticed the victims had left the apartment and confronted them in the parking lot. Police say one suspect was carrying a baseball bat and the other had a pistol. Police say the male victim was hit several times with the baseball while the other suspect was allegedly pointing the pistol at both of the victims.

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The two suspects fled the scene by entering the car that was driven by a third man. The victims told police that they recognized the car's driver. That lead helped police located the driver about an hour later and he was arrested.

25-year-old Zane Wesley Kirkwood has been charged with accessory to aggravated assault. The other two suspects are still at large. Police say Kirkwood gave limited information on his accomplices.

An investigation is ongoing as to why the armed suspects were trying to break into the apartment and their identities.

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