Peyton Manning has still yet to make an announcement about his future in the NFL but he might end up answering questions or issuing a statement on the latest report that involves him and an alleged assault on the campus of the University of Tennessee.

The first to report the lawsuit and Manning's involvement was the Tennessean, which is based out of Nashville, TN.

The federal suit mentioned in this article was filed Tuesday in Nashville states Tennessee's had a "clearly unreasonable response" after incidents that caused the women making complaints to experience additional harassment after the fact.

The lawsuit also indicates that the University of Tennessee interfered with the disciplinary process to favor male athletes and made sure they were more protected than an average student.

The news about this alleged assault surrounds and incident in which an athletic trainer claims Manning put his genitals on her head while Manning says he was just mooning a teammate during his college days at UT.

There has been a lawsuit filed and settled in that alleged incident in a case years back.

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