SAN FRANCISCO -- Taylor Rogers struggled to find the right words through all his emotions after he and his twin brother Tyler pitched in the same major league game wearing opposing uniforms, each part of the box score for a moment they had envisioned for so long.

Taylor pitched the ninth inning to earn his third save in the San Diego Padres' 4-2 victory against the San Francisco Giants on Monday night, with Tyler taking the loss.

They even stood in for their managers exchanging the lineup cards, startling the umpire crew before posing for a photo with them.

"I don't know if I even have the words yet,'' said Taylor, acquired by the Padres from the Minnesota Twins on Thursday ahead of Opening Day. "Really, really cool. I want to thank Bob Melvin and Gabe Kapler for letting us do the lineup cards. That was a special moment and got some good pictures from that too. I'm so blessed. I can't believe it's happening."

According to Elias Sports Bureau research, it marked the first time that twin brothers pitched against each other in MLB history. Entering Monday, there had been only one game in MLB history in which two twin brothers pitched, but they were on the same team: On July 31, 1956, Johnny and Eddie O'Brien both pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the St. Louis Cardinals.

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