Sayre Bedinger joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime to discuss Denver Broncos. Bedinger covers the Broncos for Listen to Bedinger and Thurn's conversation below:

Are the Broncos better with Gary Kubiak than John Fox going forward?

"I think so because the big thing they noticed with John Fox was getting them to the next level wasn't going to happen with him. And Gary Kubiak is a guy, who doesn't have as greater as a track record as Fox does as a head coach. Fox has been to multiple Super Bowls and Kubiak is still relevantly new as far as being a head coach. but he had that stint with the Texans where he took them from being terrible to being pretty great, actually. I think the fact he was a Bronco and he was for 20 years...that kind of passion for the team. There's something to said for that because you would think a guy like John Elway coming in, well, yeah you hire the celebrity Denver, the king of Denver to run the team and it's like is that going to work out or not? But I think having that kind of chemistry in the front office is great for them and could push them over the top."

Fox was hired as head coach by the Chicago Bears. Kubiak was the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. Previously, Kubiak was the head coach for Houston, before getting fired.

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