Should the NCAA combine the men's and women's basketball Final Four into one site?

That question is at the core of a recent review from the NCAA in regards to gender equality after the organization recently dropped the ball.

At the 2021 Women's NCAA Tournament in San Antonio, pictures surfaced of inadequate weight rooms, meals, and other amenities that were clearly different at the men's tournament.

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The law firm that was hired to review the policies and events gave a scathing account of what the NCAA has been doing and recommended the same site Final Four.

In that recommendation, not only suggested that there be one site for the Final Four but they also criticized the NCAA for not living up to their end of the deal on diversity and inclusion.

Personally, I like the idea from an equality standpoint and a fan experience standpoint.

Not only could you bring in more fans to both the men's and women's events, but could also create a basketball mecca for a whole week in one location.

It will be interesting to see how the NCAA responds and if changes are on the way for a long-standing institution in sports.




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