There were times in Sioux Falls history when it didn't matter if you forgot to lock your home's doors, or if you left your keys in your vehicle. You could come back to your abode and experience peace. You could wake up in the morning and your vehicle would still be in your driveway.

Ah, the good ole days!

It doesn't help to look at various reports that list Sioux Falls as having one of the highest crime rates in the country for cities its size. Or others that actually break down safe & not so safe Sioux Falls neighborhoods- - on multiple maps.

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This is why I'm choosing to get my info from the people who have to deal with it- - the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Crime rates in Sioux Falls from 2021 pretty much stayed flat, unlike other cities that saw major crime bumps during the second of two pandemic years.

The one exception (which is always a subject of frustration and sometimes humor, for Sioux Falls cops) is car thefts, which were up 19% from 2020.

Most of these stolen vehicles were grabbed because the owners left an invitation- -also known as their keys- -in the car.

The other categories that Sioux Falls sadly broke records in, included the amount of cocaine and fentanyl seized. There was also an increase in the number of overdose reports and deaths.

Solving crimes is the SFPD's number one goal and it is their strong suit. They have solved every homicide but one (which is still under investigation) over the last 20 years. And in the overall crime category, the Sioux Falls solve rate beats the national one.

“Sioux Falls continues to maintain a low crime rate, especially when compared to other peer cities. Public safety remains a top priority for my administration, and our Police Department is committed to providing a safe community for our residents. While issues such as narcotics and youth violent crime will remain key public safety priorities for our administration, I am also very proud of the community-based policing strategies that are building strong ties across the city. Our Police Department continues to work diligently to make Sioux Falls a better and safer community, block by block.”- -Mayor Paul TenHaken

Sources: City of Sioux Falls, Public Information Officer Sam Clemens-Sioux Falls Police Department, and the office of Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken.

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