Someone is the new proud owner of one of the most expensive homes in Sioux Falls.

How does owning a home theater, an indoor home basketball court, an inground pool, and a home gym sound? Pretty nice, right? You'd think the price tag would be out of this world. However, one proud new homeowner actually purchased this Sioux Falls mansion for a "great price."

This lavish Sioux Falls home is located right near the Minnehaha Country Club and sits on 9,000 square feet of land. This home boasts six bedrooms bathrooms! The backyard also appears pretty elaborate. There's a lot of open space and even an inground pool!

These features sound pretty amazing. The price of this dream home certainly reflects what it has to offer. Originally, this Sioux Falls mansion was listed at $2.1 million. What did the new homeowner pay to get this one-of-a-kind home? This home just sold for...$1.985 million.

It sounds like a fortune, however, this home has some top-notch amenities for your money. Check out these photos of this stunning Sioux Falls mansion on Zillow.

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