UPDATE: The Sioux Falls Police Department has confirmed on its Twitter page that Landon has been safely located. 

Original story is located below.

It's always an uneasy feeling for parents when their child or children go missing. It's even more alarming when your child disappears while being in a public setting. That appears to be the situation of missing Sioux Falls resident Landon Johns.

Members of the community are encouraged to pass along any information they know about Landon's whereabouts to the Sioux Falls Police Department. The hope is Landon's picture on the Sioux Falls Police Department's Facebook page and Twitter page will help bring Landon home.

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The Sioux Falls Police Department say that Landon is "12-years-old and is 5'2" and 120lbs with blonde hair. He was last seen in the area of the Empire Mall wearing a black sweat shirt and tan sweat pants." Concerned residents around the Sioux Empire are willing to help the Sioux Falls Police Department find Landon. In fact, one comment on the Sioux Falls Police Department's Facebook page claims they saw Landon at the Empire Mall earlier that day. People then encouraged this Facebook user to report this sighting to the police.

Heidi AndersonI saw him In the mall today! He was bouncing a ball around and got yelled at by security! That’s the last I saw of him! Hope he’s safe! Landon please let someone know you are safe.

It's so important to find Landon and bring him home safely. Anyone who has seen or heard from Landon Johns is encouraged to call the Sioux Falls Police Department at (605)-367-7000. Together, the Sioux Falls community can help the Sioux Falls Police Department bring Landon home.

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