There are some drivers that tend to test the speed limits on the South Dakota highways. Two South Dakota drivers over the weekend really pushed the South Dakota Highway Patrol to its breaking point.

Two separate drivers cruising on the highway were pulled over for going well-over the South Dakota speed limit. Both drivers clocked in at just over 120 miles per hour. Now that's burning some rubber!

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The South Dakota Highway Patrol shared on its Facebook page two cars that were just asking to get pulled over.

These crazy drivers thought it would be a smart idea to drive 121 and 124 miles per hour! This is what our friends at the South Dakota Highway Patrol had to say about these wild racers:


Speed continues to be one of the main factors in fatality and injury crashes. One trooper stopped both of these vehicles in the northeastern part of the state for dangerous speeds. Help us #keepSDsafe and slow down not only for yourself, but also for your family, friends, and others on the roadways.

There is absolutely no reason why a driver should be driving that fast on the roads. The rules of the road in South Dakota aren't difficult to follow. South Dakota Highway Patrol explains that "the speed limit on rural Interstate is 80 mph for cars or trucks, day or night, with a minimum speed of 40 mph. All secondary highways are 65 mph, unless otherwise posted." 80 miles per hour on the road is already fast enough for most drivers.


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