Livewell Sioux Falls is a community-based drive to improve the overall health and well-being of everyone in the city. They are obviously making great strides in that direction!

Sioux Falls was presented with the 2022 Healthy Hometowns Powered by Wellmark Community Award during the Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Annual Partners Meeting held virtually on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The award recognizes Sioux Falls for its accomplishments in health improvement initiatives within the community. - Live Well Sioux Falls


Why did Sioux Falls win this award?

There were quite a few reasons:

  • Investing in sidewalk and crosswalk improvements to promote walkability and bike-ability.
  • Adding 1.4 miles of bike trails as part of the Cherry Creek Trail extension, providing neighborhood connectedness.
  • Partnering with the Partnership for a Healthier America to address healthy food access and provide food boxes to more than 500 families and distributing 371,310 produce servings.
  • Installed two protected lane infrastructure pieces: a protected bike lane and pedestrian bump out.
  • Announced the Eat Well Sioux Falls Grant which incentivizes grocery interventions in low-income, low-access food priority areas
  • Shared health education and resources with 19,000 unique website visitors
  • Participated as a founding member of the Sioux Falls Urban Ag Coalition

So where does Live Well Sioux Falls go now?

To continue moving the health of Sioux Falls citizens forward, a Community Health Improvement Plan has been formed. It is directed to concentrate on 5 areas of overall health improvement.

  • Active Living
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Oral Health
  • Preventative Care

In the end, it really is up to us, the Sioux Falls Community to participate in these great programs and so far we're doing a pretty good job!

Source: Live Well Sioux Falls

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