For teens and young adults, the downtown Sioux Falls scene in the 1950s and 1960s  was all about getting together each night through the summer months and year-round on the weekends.

The one common activity was known as The Loop. The Sioux Falls city streets of 10th and 11th Street were the cruising grounds for teens and young adults, the Baby Boomers.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When cruising The Loop you would begin at Second Avenue and head west on 10th Street. Looping around Menlo and head east on 11th street until you find your starting point, then repeat. For hours and hours.

The downtown Sioux Falls Loop had similar traits to the movie American Graffiti.

Cruising around in your screaming machine. Hanging out the car window talking back and forth. Stopping at the drive-in for a burger and shake. It was fun!

Those same Baby Boomers will tell you, and teach you, that this was how they socialized. Face to face. No cell phones. No internet or social media.

What Happened To The Loop in Sioux Falls

Some detractors believed that The Loop was just a gathering for those who drank, did drugs, and got into fights.

All the noise, littering, and loitering, resulted in many businesses moving out of downtown. It was getting more and more difficult to entice shoppers to downtown Sioux Falls. And, people didn't feel safe.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Then Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson gathered support to shut down the loop by closing the Loop portion at Menlo Avenue in 2003.

New ordinances were put in place about cruising. Downtown businesses were happy.


Today, Sioux Falls has another new problem. Street racing!

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