A woman who was walking down the street last week was likely a victim of the latest dumb thing young people are doing in large numbers.

According to Dakota News Now, the woman was minding her own business as she walked down 22nd Street near Garfield Avenue when she heard what sounded like an air pistol being fired. A car drove past her and she discovered that she had some sort of gelatin substance on her clothing.

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A silver Subaru was reported as the vehicle that was involved.

Gel blaster guns are toys. They are similar to a BB gun or airsoft gun, but they use a bead that is soaked in water and then loaded into the gun. GelBlaster.com totes their particular gel gun as an eco-friendly and mess-free way of having a paintball or water gun battle. The guns start at $59 and go up in price from there.

People are reporting this as the "Orbeez Challenge" but there doesn't seem to be such a stupid thing on Tik Tok, according to Newsweek. In fact, Orbeez aren't used at all. The gel blasters come with their own proprietary "gellets" that work similarly to Orbeez.

Spraying someone with a garden hose as they walk down the street isn't going to seriously injure or kill anyone. I'm not sure if it is against the law, but it is certainly rude as hell. So is shooting a gel blaster at someone. The bigger danger for the "shooter" is if someone mistakes the gel blaster for an actual firearm and then defends themself with one of their own.

Kids, shoot your friends with your gel blaster. Not strangers minding their own business.

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