Sports Illustrated’s Ben Reiter joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime.Reiter talks Major League Baseball as the the postseason is right around the corner. Hear his interview with Thurn below:

Reiter shares his opinion on who wins the American League Central, the Detroit Tigers or Kansas City Royals? 

"You know I think the Tigers are going to hang on here, obviously they won a big game today, 6-1 over the White Sox. The game that was more important that gave them a one and half game in the standings, and represents the second strong outing from Justin Verlander. Obviously he won't pitch again in the regular season. This is more of an observation as far as a good development for the playoffs for the Tigers. I do think it shows they are rallying and in shape at the right time. Anibal Sanchez coming back and he will probably be in a bullpen role. I do think the Royals seem more than likely to host a home game, especially as the A's are losing again to the Angels. But yeah, I do think the Tigers are going to win that division."

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Duane Burleson/Getty Images