Imagine taking to the catwalk and keeping pace with the likes of Oscar de la Renta with an agriculture-themed basketball jersey.

Whoa, partner. That fantasy is out in the middle of 80 acres of corn where incidentally this uniform would be right at home.

When the Sioux Falls Skyforce take the court on March 6 against the Grand Rapids Drive, the duds for the home team will be the most colorful palate we’ve seen in a while. The jerseys will be part of an effort to raise money for Feeding South Dakota which is the largest hunger-relief group in the state. Plus being in a state where Agriculture is the number one industry, helps bind everything together.

The bright yellow offset by corn stalks trailing up both sides of the uniform and white lettering outlined in black has drawn considerable praise from many circles. On the national scene Sports Illustrated took notice. Of course the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council and South Dakota Corn Growers are in full support.

Others from around the NBA Development League also are voicing their support including Kevin Danna the play-by-play voice of the Santa Cruz Warriors who tweeted, “These corn-themed jerseys might be the best thing since the wheel was invented.” Blogger Adam Johnson with the website Sea Dubs Central also lavished praise on the haberdashery.

When those threads are being used on that March evening the buzzer will sound after 48 minutes of basketball. More importantly because of this effort, Feeding South Dakota will be further able to help put food on the table for those in need.