There's no question about it.  2020 was the biggest Election Year in America's history.  Millions went to the polls or mailed their ballots on November 3rd in order for their voices to be heard.

A lot of eyes were on the 2020 Election, just not all the time.

This year has been stressful enough with COVID-19, the economy, isolating from our friends and family because of the pandemic, the list goes on.

When an election is added on top of all the other elements, it's just a bunch of craziness that will make your head explode.  Many people were looking for some relief from the world and one of those outlets was watching television.

Did America need some sort of breather like comedy or reality show from election night?  You're darn right about that one.

Just for fun, the representatives from Reelgood decided to see what shows were being watched in each state on election night besides the election.  Reelgood is a streaming service that collected the "data is based on streaming and viewership activity from over 2M Reelgood users in the United States."  The Reelgood found that the country was looking for shows that provide "comfort" during a stressful situation.

Forget the election. South Dakota was gearing up for a long night of watching The Big Bang Theory!

Here are the results from other parts of the nation:


Based on the data information, Reelgood found that 11 shows topped all the rest on election night.  These shows include The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, Schitt's Creek, Rick and Morty, and Parks and Recreation.  The top two shows were The Queen's Gambit and The Mandalorian.  

What about our neighbors in the Sioux Empire?  Iowa was watching Schitt's Creek, Minnesota's show was The Queen's Gambit, Nebraska, and Wisconsin were zoned in on The Mandalorian.

Did you watch other television shows besides election night?

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