Many fast-food restaurants have their signatures. It could be a famously named sandwich, a dessert, or even a toy. Some believe in the size of the portion. Others believe in the size of the menu.

There are trademark colors. And, several have objects in their marketing that stand out along with a few you get with your order. Take this one for instance.

Dave Roberts TSMCanva
Dave Roberts TSMCanva

Sure it's a spoon. A long RED spoon. What do you do with it? What do you eat with it? More importantly, at what restaurant do you find them?

I'd like to think that my first menu selection at this joint was a Mr. Misty slush. Never used the big red spoon, just a straw, sucking it down fast for a brain freeze.

You may have started with a hot fudge sundae. Or if you're much younger, the now-famous Blizzard.

Well, you should have guessed by now that the big red spoon is found at the new Sioux Falls DQ Grill & Chill on Marion Road.

Dave Roberts TSM
Dave Roberts TSM

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