How exactly do you stop current Yankton star and future Wisconsin Badger Matthew Mors? Some players from Spearfish tried a new method.

Mors was unstoppable in a 76-60 season-opening win over Spearfish on December 11. The future Badger dominated the stat sheet dropping 48 total points and adding a few nice dunks to his highlight reel.

Spearfish had to try another way to attempt to stop Mors. Some turned to a flop strategy that, admittedly, was as impressive as watching James Harden on the basketball floor.

Before you watch the video, I will say that overall these appeared to be a few isolated instances that were spliced together. Going through the video stream of the game on YouTube, this wasn't something that appeared to happen on every possession or every time Mors touched the ball. It happened, clearly, but maybe not to the extreme extent the video makes it appear.

That all being said, I won't be placing blame on the coaching staff or the entire team...but I will surely continue to laugh at it!

The tweet has been viewed over 57.7 thousand times since it was posted on December 16. For those wondering, the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) does have a rule against flopping in its handbook. Rule 10, Section 4, Article 6 details "unsporting fouls" across the game. Point "F" states that "Faking being fouled, knowingly attempting a free throw or accepting a foul to which the player was not entitled," is worthy of a technical foul. In these cases, a technical foul wasn't called.

Then again, Yankton didn't need the technical fouls. Mors' 48 points set a new record for him in a single game surpassing a 45-point game he dropped on Huron according to James Cimburek of the Yankton P&D.

Judge for yourself. Here's the entire game:

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