In a year full of controversy for the NFL surrounding its officials and the calls they made or didn't make on the field, it seemingly is quite fitting that they have to deal with a bit more controversy before it's all said and done.

Apparently the replay assistant at Super Bowl 50 is from Denver and his family was at the game and openly cheering for the Broncos.

Now, full transparency, the "replay assistant" doesn't actually have any say or influence on the replay review itself, they are just there to make sure the connection works with the league and that the on field official is able to correspond.

All be it, there doesn't seem to be anything here that would lead one to believe that any issues occurred during the game, there will be the conspiracy theorists out there that believe foul play could've happened... especially Panthers fans.

This is the second Super Bowl that Jimmy Oldham, the replay assistant in question has worked and I'm pretty sure the NFL would never risk its integrity on a issue like this so I would assume they never felt like the process would be affected.

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