After a nice winter nap, the grass at Target Field has awakened. In Minnesota, it was a pretty sight to see this early in March.

Minnesota Twins

It's like following a recipe when baking bread. The slightest deviation and the end result is burnt toast. But not with this crew.

The head baker (groundskeeper) Larry DiVito is the most important man at the ballpark.

Taking advantage of warmer weather and temperatures climbing into the mid-'50s this weekend, the grass at Target Field comes alive and the groundskeeping staff will be hovering over their charge for the next several weeks.

The Minnesota Twins home opener is Thursday, April 2 against the Oakland Athletics at 3:10 PM.

For a true baseball fan, there's nothing like walking into the stadium on opening day to see your team. And that beautiful green grass which is when you can say welcome to summer.

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