If you have ever been on a football team you probably have seen a variation of what LSU calls the "Big Cat Drill".

Two guys line up helmet to helmet with the intent of working on leverage and strength as they go head to head once the whistle is blown.

Emotions usually get elevated some but because guys are teammates, it usually is fairly tempered as far as the extracurriculars.

For this week's Throwback Thursday, watch a video I came across a few years back of the Big Cat Drill getting a little testy at a LSU football practice.

I have a few simple observations that stood out to me during the video.

1.  I love the guys who never actually line up for the drill being as much of the instigators for trash talk as the ones actually participating. (I see you Leonard Fournette)

2.  Les Miles loved his job.

3.  I think the white team won.

4.  Some of the media members looking like they got a little too close for comfort (LOLOLOL)

5.  I wouldn't of done well in such a drill.


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