Growing up a huge baseball fan, I was enthralled with the home run chases of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, but no one in the history of Major League Baseball could hit a home run like Barry Bonds.

The pure fact that he could tell you the pitch from the dugout was one of the reasons he had the greatest eye in the history of the game.

Add that with the baseball IQ, pure athleticism and power, and you got Barry Lamar Bonds, the greatest home run hitter of all time.

I still remember where I was when Barry broke the all time record for home runs as I was sitting inside the Library Bar in Minneapolis during my college days at the University of Minnesota.

That night you had a mix of emotions from those watching, with some hatred because of the PED allegations and even more so enthusiasm as we were all watching history.

Take a look back at the night Barry Bonds became the all time leader in home runs as he hit #756 off of Mike Bacsik in the fifth inning.


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