A few weeks back there was a social media trend of people putting together a list of their favorite movie for a list of ten different sports.

I decided to play along and come up with my own list of my favorite movies for each sport.

There were ten sports listed, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, soccer, golf, auto racing, martial arts and Olympic games.

Since I am a gassbagger for a living and I tend to think all my thoughts are the best, I have changed the narrative from it being my favorite movies for each sport to it being the best movie for each sport.

Here is my list.

Football - Remember the Titans

Basketball - Hoosiers

Baseball - Major League

Hockey - Mighty Ducks

Boxing - The Great White Hype

Soccer - The Big Green

Golf - Happy Gilmore

Auto Racing - Talladega Nights

Martial Arts - Kung Fu Panda

Olympic Sports - Cool Runnings

I would also like to add an honorable mention as it incapsulates multiple sports as the comedy "BASEketballl" deserves some love.

Come up with your list and see how many match the BEST list that I have compiled and let us know your results by tweeting at me @JTespn991.


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